3 Tips to Improve your Customer Service

Learn different tips & tricks to improve customer experience in hotels
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Learn about customer trends. What are they looking for? How have their expectations changed? How should hotels attract new customers?

Also, find tips & tricks to improve your customer experience!

How to increase customers positive reviews in your hotel
How to launch bookings in your Hotel
How to optimize costs assuring quality

About the author


Esther Moratalla Jávega
Hospitality Success Consultant in Iristrace S.L 

Professional with 10 years of experience in hotel management and organization. In these years I have collaborated in the opening of 5 new establishments of 4 and 5 stars.

My mission was based on 4 fundamental points of hotel management: control and analysis of costs, commercial actions, control and monitoring of hotel sales and implementation of continuous quality improvement. As well as, the revision of a monthly exploitation account and the preparation of an annual budget.

In Iristrace I carry out a new challenge, by keeping in touch with the hotel sector from a different point of view and helping our clients in their daily tasks with our solution, improving their results and the experience of their clients.

What you will find

1. What do customers look for in my hotel?
2. How has the vision of clients changed in recent years?
3. How do we attract customers to our Hotels?
4. Three Tips to Improve your customer experience